Our friends and Vilostrada fans Ankie and Rob have opened a Bed & Breakfast by the gorgeous seaside right outside Torre Del Mar called Villa Dolores. Set in a beautiful mix of rural Andalucia, ocean views and solemn mountains in the background, this is a place to relax and celebrate on an ordinary Tuesday.

We arrive with our children and dogs Naja & Leia. The children quickly disappear in the garden to explore with two waving tails right behind. Lunch in served on the bottom terrace in the shade from the spring sun. 

Ankie came with me to Morocco on a personal shopping tour and many of the artisan crafts mix well with her own interior that traveled with in the move from Sweden.

Early morning the rooster wakes us with a cock-a-doodle-doo and the sheep bells ding. A familiar sound from my childhood summers in Grundsjö, Finland, that brings back many happy memories. A gorgeous sunny day begins and we go down to breakfast with a smile.

Ankie and Rob are two other great examples on how to “Live to Love the Road” #LTLTR. Follow your heart and your passion and life will guide you from there.

Photos: Joakim Ahlén