Vilostrada fuels on the Scandinavian and global support of business professionals. We continue working with the greatest that share our passion for LOVE- SUSTAINABILITY- FUTURE.

Our friend Eirin Persson at Klippa started her first hair salon back in 2006. Her goals go beyond running a successful business. Her heart is with doing good for the world and the people around her.
“I support Vilostrada’s win-win business models. This is the only way to create sustainable change if you ask me – connecting social good with doing business”, says Eirin. Her children often support and follow her path. Recently her son bought his sister a Vilostrada bracelet on his birthday.

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So far Eirin and her staff at Klippa have raised more than 100 000 SEK to BröstcancerfondenUng Cancer and Havskampen. They “Cut Hair for Life”.
In their shop in Gottskär, Vilostrada products and photographs can be bought and ordered. Their mindset of paying it forward each and every day inspires. Together we can do it all. We thank all the women of Klippa for your vital support and business minds. #womensday

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