Dear Santa,

We traveled to a colorful, country across the Mediterranean Sea.
We fell in love with the Moroccan beauty and the artisans crafts that add smiles and warmth in our home and in our hearts.
We want everyone to be able to work and earn a livable salary.
We wish that ancient craft traditions and stories can be taught to coming generations.
We are social entrepreneurs.
We wish you would join us.

Vilostrada is a new lifestyle brand that puts our common future, family and fairtrade in focus. Vilostrada’s webshop opened a few weeks ago. We need your help sharing this with your friends, add comments, and give us feedback.

vilostrada back_business_card_portraitChristmas special

We select products directly from Moroccan artisans’ workshops as well as marketplaces, each piece with its own individual history that we share with you. In time, we will trade with more markets.

We want you to think bigger when shopping for Christmas this year. Shop where your money helps people who need it – while giving beautiful, hand crafted products with a story to your friends or family.

To ensure delivery before Christmas, we need your order before Dec 4 – in which case you get a 10% discount.

Follow the story behind and about here in the Vilostrada blog. We answer any questions you have on our Facebook-site as well as email hello(at)

Our journey just begun.

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