As Christmas and the year end draws closer when we travel to two different countries, we as a family wanted to enjoy a day out on an adventure together. We have overcome many obstacles together as a team since our move to Spain from Sweden more than two years ago, building Vilostrada and supporting 500 children in northern Morocco through our non-profit Common Ground. We wanted to challenge ourselves and do it as a team as well. The right inspiration came from John Kramer who led us to Pindongos in the mountains of Malaga, Sierra de los Camaroles close to the village Villanueva del Trabucco.

Joakim ahlen pindongos   Victoria and Maj Ahlén Pindongos team building Vilostrada malaga   Pindongos Malaga adventure

Everyone who knows me (Victoria) a bit better knows I do not like heights in particular. So some of the crossings 7 m up was a tough challenge of the mind. I thoroughly enjoyed watching my children manage the obstacles in the air and doing the challenge together as a whole family on the yellow route. Our children Maj and Lucas where encouraging cheer leaders to me, each other and Joakim. The payment came in the end with the speedy cableway back to the ground. Together as a family we enjoyed a celebratory lunch on the ground all ready planning our next visit.