You know routine, these things that fill our every day and most sigh loudly about? We changed ours drastically in August 2013, when we moved to Andalucia in Spain. We added more variety when we decided I would go to Morocco for work each month.  

The adventure in new routines. Each corner, day, new moments – a thrill and a rest for the mind. 

 Now, 2.5 years later, it is not yet become ordinary.  I resist not to. I challenge my mind to find a new detail, study a scene with new eyes, dare to again go outside of my boundaries, let my inner compass guide me. I find peace in blue skies, flower petals, a ripe orange, breakfast with the kids. Our desert visit reinforced that. 

Guess if this my personal receipe for daily happiness?

A new day. Challenge your routine. 

Live to Love the Road.