Welcome to the colorful and warmth that is Morocco!

Remember to live to love the road. Morocco will embrace you with open arms if you keep your eyes open and smile a lot. You choose the way you travel at your comfort level. If you want our help to plan and book your transport, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will charge you a separate fee for our services.

You will make new friends on the way and share great laughs and conversations. It also common to share food and drinks on any Moroccan transports, be prepared to share since it is custom.

We list and explain some of the various ways of transport we recommend to help your journey be an amazing adventure.


Your hotel/riad can usually help with transfers from/to the flight. You can also get in touch with us and we will send you an offer for your own private transport to get you to your destinations. This can be arranged both with a 4×4, taxi service, minivan etc.


Morocco’s no 1 bus company tourists prefer is CTM. CTM also has an app to be downloaded for iPhone and android. Technically, they have the option of you being able to buy/reserve tickets online. Some destinations offer express buses and comfortable more spacious, AC services. CTM buses will make comfort stops along the way.

There are many local, regional and national bus companies not listed here like Supratours that do not have a current website. Our best advice is to ask the locals or at the place where you spend the night. Please double check all departure/arrival times locally due to changes we have not heard about. We also recommend that you buy your tickets the day(s) before you travel to secure your seats. With CTM for example, you also buy a separate luggage ticket of 5 MAD the day of departure.


Taxi is the main form of transport. Each city will have both the large taxis for up to 6 passengers and the small for max 3 people. Each city and village will also have a main station for the taxis where to start your journey. At the main taxi station, you will need to wait for the taxi to be full before departure.

You can also catch a taxi on the street and then you negotiate directly with the driver. Show the driver how many spaces you want with your fingers before asking the taxi to stop.

moroccan taxi vilostrada photo joakim ahlen

Petit taxi

When you go shorter distances locally, use the “petit taxi”/small taxi that take up to 3 passengers. You share the ride with other passengers heading in your direction. Ask locally to learn the prices for the distance you wish to travel before you start your journey.

Grand taxi

The first person will take place 1 (next to the driver, place 2, 3, 4 in the backseat behind driver and 5,6 in the back. If you wish more space, simply buy more than one place. Most big taxis now are upgraded to modern vehicles. You can get a rarity to travel in the old Mercedes big taxis, then place 1,2 is up front next to driver and 4 people share the backseat behind the driver.

Waiting at the taxi station until the taxi is full can take all from 5 min to hours. You can always offer to pay for more seats or negotiate with other passengers for you to share the cost before all 6 seats have been sold. You can of course deal a taxi all to yourself, then the price is the cost of 6 seats.

For example Essaouira to Marrakech cost 100 MAD/person one way if the taxi has 6 passengers. If you want the taxi alone 600 MAD/one way. If there are a four of you, you pay 125 MAD/person.

When sharing a big taxi with other people, it will stay on the main road between two taxi stations to pick up and drop off more people. The taxi, for example, between Marrakech and Ouarzazate will stop one time in the Atlas Mountains for comfort break. But please do not count on this. If you want to ensure stops along the way, organise a private transport.


Environmentally friendly and comfortable travel by Morocco’s ONCF. If you travel between stations Tanger – Rabat – Casablanca, you are in luck with the new 2 hr speed train. You change trains at Casa Voyageurs to Marrakech (another 3 hrs). ONCF offers online purchases. But again, we recommend you to go to the/or a station to buy the tickets before departure.


If you have your own vehicle and want to travel extensively in Morocco, do bring your own vehicle. Simply remember that you are in Morocco and the pace for traffic involves a lot more honking and people inventing their own lanes then on European main streets, for example. Keep your eyes wide open and you will adjust just fine to the driving pace.

If you wish to rent a car, do really good research before and use services connected to the airports. More advice here

Do not trust the gps/navigator suggested times. Ask the locals and taxi drivers for traffic and road updates. Take your time and enjoy the ride. If you get in touch, we can gladly recommend and help you plan some stops along the way for a smaller service fee.


Major connection points are Marrakech, Casablanca, Rabat and Tanger. Check which arrival airport is closest to your destination. In high season cities like Essaouira, Agadir, Fes, Ouarzazate and Zagora have great deals for national flights that might save you time and get you where you want to go directly.

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