Vilostrada is our dream of a lifestyle where we live to love the road. We sum up an adventurous 2015 on the roller coaster that is Vilostrada and also our life:


Proudly Vilostrada teamed up with Estifeda for the Common Ground Kissa exhibit at UNESCO and UN Women Mobile Learning 2015 showcasing four girl´s stories, from four countries. We built a stronger global network, found fuel for our entrepreneurial work to benefit children’s education in Morocco and Tunisia.
Curre_003_lo  common ground unesco photo Dan Fredin

We paused our direct collaboration with Akerate village in late Spring 2015.
We learned that we need to team up closer with local partners to grow together. Our collaboration with OAPAM Chefchaouen started in September 2015.
Their beautiful thin striped blankets and pillow cases, we sell on Costa del Sol and in Sweden. In 2016, stay tuned for more collaborational projects.

common ground oapam chefchaouen victoria ahlen vilostrada  IMG_3733  IMG_3731

Our hearts and friendships led us to Association Darna in Tangier and we also started collaboration on September 2015. Our non-profit Common Ground support them with storytelling tools, a new website, educational material and so much more. We hope to showcase some of their products for you starting in 2016.

common ground global bridge auberge dardara vilostrada volublis art gallery karla raiss el fenni joakim ahlen  joakim victoria ahlen vilostrada common ground darna tanger

Darna’s amazing job to upcycle and re-use material inspired us to start testing with more upcycled Vilostrada products. We have built prototypes for a pallet sofa and chair with new, high quality, produced cushions with fabric from Chefchaouen. You can also simply buy the design for the furniture and support our work in Morocco.

IMG_8382  Darna Tanger Common Ground Victoria Ahlen Vilostrada

We successfully started selling our products at the Garden Center Eco Market each Saturday on Costa Del Sol and we also run a showroom at home in Frigiliana. Aicha’s eco clay tagines and gorgeous hand-wowen blankets from Chefchaouen are much appreciated crafts among our customers. Let us know if you want to pop-by.

clay tagines  vilostrada textiles


We started by teaching our children a sustainable lifestyle and engaging them with entrepreneurial learning in their everyday life. Our our journey many, many have joined. Read about our adventures in our blog and Vilostrada facebook where we update daily. Our children Lucas and Maj never seize to amaze us with their open hearts and minds. Their smiles, as well as each smile we meet, fuel our continued work.

julakuten glennartz eirin persson ulf åsa nomark betong holmen victoria ahlen vilostrada common ground  smedingeskolan 7A

victoria lucas ahlen el cielo nerja malaga spain   maj ahlen common ground art for darna christmas 2015


Many friends travel with us to help us research and learn about Morocco. Pure adventure and treasure hunts filled with laughter and our goal of course is to find Common Ground and learn new things. We will look to offer more volunteer travels in 2016. Get in touch if you are curious.

IMG_8498  ebba julia chefchaouen common ground morocco  Vilostrada Common Ground Chefchaouen textiles

We believe that all children have the right to an education. When we summed up Common Ground‘s first year in the end of October 2015, we only humbly can say thank you to all of you. A yearly report to be expected in early 2016.

A few dreams for 2016:

  • inventing self-sustaining, sustainable business circles together with our global family
  • added security and education for the children of northern Morocco
  • strengthening our Common Ground and creating more beautiful artisan crafts and sharing stories with you.

LOTS of LOVE from Victoria, Joakim, Maj and Lucas

Eco market vilostrada Garden Center Algarrobo Joakim Ahlen  vilostrada common

We pause for a lovely Winter break in Sweden and Morocco. This site on a slow burner until January 4.