Happy Birthday to me and the rest of you in the world I share it with.

One of the lessons I learnt while working with Vilostrada, is that we must love and accept ourselves for who we are before we can help anyone else and really enjoy this magical adventure we call life.

I am rich because of you. The people, like you, that I meet on my life’s journey, have touched my heart, some taken pieces and lost pieces have been found. I long back to the Sahara, I long to seek further adventures around the next corner and keep challenging myself and others to simply LIVE and enjoy each moment to the fullest doing good to others. My family walks this path with me and that is a blessing in itself.

This year, my gift to all of you on my birthday is to give even more. We believe we can make this world a better place. With Common Ground, we start an entrepreneurial fund in Morocco. Your mentoring, ideas, support and donations will be a true honor for us and me. Together we can build more work towards giving all children the right to an education and continue building global bridges.

With Vilostrada our year will mean more education and more fair trade.

IMG_9388  victoria ahlen vilostrada live to love the road karla raiss el fenni photo: joakim ahlen

I sat by the Mediterranean sea today listening to the audio book the Monk who sold his Ferrari and what fascinated me so far was what a similar journey the lead character had to ours with Vilostrada. People and teachers have been brought into our lives when we are ready to learn. During Christmas, we met the leaders of Jeunes the Atlas as well Brahim Elaabdouli who showed us yet again the true, warm, welcoming soul of Morocco to all. I thank other constant teachers that fill my life with wisdom such as Ulla-Lisa Thordén, Karla Raiss el Fenni, my mountain guide and friend Mohamed in Akchour and  Theophilus Van Rensburg Lindzter (a partner in Wisehub in South Africa). My friends, you know who you are, my family and all your smiles – CHUKRAN.

Live to Love the Road.

With Love
victoria ahlen sahara vilostrada live to love the road photo: Joakim Ahlen