Today I give all my love to each hard working woman waking up at 4 am to start the fire and prepare breakfast for her family. I salute the woman who works all day in the field with a pickax. Each time I meet the women carrying a heavy load, I send them a warm thought and a silent promise to bring education and sustainable change to the area.
In every hotel and riad there are women cleaning, doing dishing, ensuring the expected service to the paying customer and tourist. When I meet these women I always greet them with a smile and usually I get one back. I our short exchange I know we share a connection. The wind of change might start with just that. A smile.

morocco woman vilostrada woman in red morocco vilostrada photo joakim ahlen

Cover photo taken by Mishimoto. Mora photos of Moroccan Berber women on Flickr>>

womensday aisha qued laou vilostrada offer

With the Akerate School Project, we aim to bring sustainable modern lesson plans and skills connecting the children with the world. We can learn from each other.