We honor women (#womensday). We honor hard working ladies during eight days. We honor their talents and their skills. We honor their passion and love. Let Women´s Day March 8 symbolize sustainability, love and respect for each other.

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Meet AISHA, pottery maker in the coastal village Qued Lao. Her home, situated with a magnificent ocean view offers a production site of pottery made and burnt right their on the farm. Most of their pottery are sold by the road to Chefchaouen. Auberge Dardara work in close collaboration for ceramics used in the restaurant. The family treats us to a meal, traditional mint tea and the best boiled egg I ever ate. Our partner Wictoria Ostrelius gives it a go with the production. We fall in love with the people, the smiles and their generousity. We communicate with gestures and a little French. The women show us how to work the dirt to clay, form ceramics products and how it is burnt. When the sun sets over the mountains and our day comes to an end, we know we made a connection, a long lasting one.

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qued lao vilostrada photo victoria ahlen wictoria ostrelius christina öberg vilostrada photo victoria ahlenqued laou ceramics vilostrada photo victoria ahlenqued lao ceramics vilostrada photo victoria ahlen

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