We warmly welcome Niamat Akar to our team. She will be invaluable to us and all of you in our work in doing the genuine stuff that takes you on a journey to the heart of humanity this coming year:

Hello my name is Niamat Akar and I am 23 years old. I live in the city of Chefchaouen Morocco. I hold a technical diploma in business accounting also hold a diploma in studies of fundamental economic and management sciences.

First, I choose to work and intern with Vilostrada and I will also continue to deal with my dad at work and his career in textiles. Secondly, I liked your idea in helping the needy people. I loved the idea of this work.

Why intern with us at Vilostrada?
– You are the good guys in the the world and I love everything that you publish”, says Niamat. I’m still new to working with you and I need a little bit of time to learn things, but always expect the best!

My first goal to offer you a helping hand here in Morocco. Secondly, I want to do something good in my life!

Please help us in making her feel really welcome to the Vilostrada team and your woman on the grounds in Morocco. Feel free to ask her all your questions about Moroccan traditions, life in Chefchaouen etc. She can be reached on email niamat.akar(at)vilostrada.com