Maj, 5 years:
“The children just had a roof on their school. It was fun to meet them. They boy who received the gum boots was happy. I got a warm feeling in my heart. The children did not have many toys at school I think we should help the children in Akerate because they are curious at us and I want to know more on how their every day looks like.”

Lucas, 9 years:
“They did not have as many things in school as we do here in Spain. They had one book to read in. We have one book in each subject. Soccer is fun and it felt great that they can play now. I have a soccer ball and I play all the time. It is important to enable the children to have a better time at school. I am curious on what they do during the breaks and what games they play.”

Our children will share their thoughts on the Akerate School Project, #helloakerate, occationally. We moved from Göteborg in Sweden in August 2012. They visited the school during their Christmas break.

vilostrada joakim ahlen IMG_6491-Lucas vilostrada joakim ahlen IMG_7145-Maj akerate vilostrada victoria ahlen akerate school project #helloakerate