Julia and Ebba, 14 years old traveled with me and their mothers to Dardara-Chefchaouen-Tanger this past long weekend. Here they blog about their journey:

On Wednesday afternoon about 6 p.m, we were on our way to the airport were we were going to take our plain to Malaga.  When we were on the airport, we had dinner and then we went down to the gate and took the plan at 9 pm. We landed in Malaga about 00:30 a.m. and there we took a taxi to our hotel were we were going to spend the night.

When we had slept about five hours and had a nice breakfast came Victoria and picked us up so we now were going to Morocco.
After two hours in the car we hade came to the ferry that was going from Spain to Morocco. The boat was really late but after about 1 hour of waiting it was finally on its move.

When the ferry has arrived we had two and a half hours before us whit nice view and a lot of sleeping in the car.

When we arrived to Chefchaouen, we went to the medina and looked around a bit before we drove to the hotel in Dardara. At Auberge Dardara, we  were served a nice dinner with soup,  chicken tagine and cream caramel.

The next day (Friday March 6) we first hade a lovely breakfast with bread, juice, pancakes, tomato’s , and some hot chocolate.  After our breakfast we went to the school and met the children.  They didn’t have a playground or a toilet to use. We were only there for about a half hour, but we stilled had the time to give them school materials and the time to sing the Swedish national song.

ebba julia akchour common ground ebba julia akchour common ground

After the school, we went to the nature park in Akchour to get some lunch because we were starving. To get to the restaurant we had to go about a half hour in the woods.  The food was really good and it had a really nice view. After the food, we went down the same way we came, to later go the medina again.

At the medina, we bought some bracelets before we went back to the hotel to get a very good dinner and then got to sleep.

ebba julia chefchaouen common ground

On the Sunday, we had another amazing breakfast before we went back to the school. This time we were holding a geography lesson to the smaller kids. It was really funny and the kids were so cute trying to learn.

After the second time at the school, we went to the women’s village were we meet some of the women.  We didn’t stay there for long but it was enough time to see that we have it so good in Sweden.

After the village, we went to the medina in Chefchaouen a third time, this time to  eat some lunch at a cool restaurant on the top of a building with a view over pretty much the entire town. When we had eaten up we made some henna tattoos and bought some stuff and then went back to the hotel and ate another dinner and more sleep.

On the Sunday, we were on our we to Tanger but before that we went to the medina to pick some stuff up and then to the market just to look around a little bit. On the market, they sold goats and chicken and we got so sad when we saw the they had tied their feet together and carried them upside down. After that, Tanger was the main attraction. We sat in the car for about 3 hours, but we pretty much slept all the way.  When we came to the hotel, we first left our bags and then went out to eat pizza.

– Ebba and Julia, Göteborg, Sweden

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