In August 2013, we turned our world upside down. We embarked on a journey,  a one way flight to Malaga, Spain with eight bags of stuff. Lucas (8 yrs) and Maj (5 yrs) looked to me and Joakim with curiosity and maybe a little fear of the unknown, but we all smiled. On that four hour flight, we promised each other to focus on love and our passions from that moment on. Our Family Lifestyle brand Vilostrada (VIVA LOVE STRADA) was born during those early morning hours. We promised ourselves that we would choose everything in our lives again, challenge convention and love lots.

vilostrada joakim ahlen IMG_7145-Maj

Now, I look back at our three year journey and smile, cry and feel gratitude for what life has taught us. We did change our lives completely and added the important big “stones” in the jar first:
happiness for each and every one of us
family and friends
helping others
working fair
healthier lifestyle

common ground vilostrada eirin persson victoria joakim ahlen
We learnt key lessons:

– We meet everyone and everything with an open mind, curiosity and a smile, no fear here for the unknown.
– To give back brings us and the world true joy.
– Capture life in each moment. For example ejoying the scent of a fresh lemon picked from one of our lemon trees, watching the sunrise over El Cielo.
– Spending lots of time together and none in rush hour traffic.

nomad children tanmirt sahara morocco photo joakim ahlen vilostrada

Would you be curious to know even more in detail about how our journey has developed in the three years since we started?

Live to Love the Road 🙂 Victoria