New routines, adapting to the culture makes life almost chaotic during the first few months when moving to a new country. I try hard to get work done but life just has to be sorted first…

Forms to fill in, paperwork from school, insurance issues, car papers, waiting for officials to give replies in a language I barely speak… Thank you Google Translate. Chasing around town trying to find school materials, the post office, new shoes for soccer – sigh. And then my favorite, everything closes for siesta between 2 and 6 pm. The organized Swede that still lives in me have to fight hard to just let go and slow down during these afternoon hours and eat lunch and chill with the children. It takes time to adapt to the Andalucian slow pace – no need to push things, they will happen in the order they usually do. Its a hard but positive contrast to the usually stressed life in Sweden.

An ordinary day:
7 am – rise and shine
7.30 – breakfast
8.30 – drop off children to school / work by computer / errands
13.30 – pick up children / prepare lunch
14.30 – swim in the pool / lunch / siesta
16.00 – work by computer
17.00 – children off to activities with one of us
20.00 – dinner
21.00 – bedtime for children
23.00 – lights out

20131014-003827.jpgfamily ahlen vilostrada nerja