Good morning world from a Chefchaouen that welcomes us with blue, clear skies matching the color of the city set in the mountains in front of me. I sneak out after the morning prayers woke me up around 5.30 am. I sit and meditate in the Beduin tent set in the hotel gardens. A respit and time to reflect on an another amazing week. I feel lucky to be alive and to live in this gorgeous world. We did it, built a sustainable life for our family, our Vilostrada, together. LOVE.

morning view vilostrada chefchaouen victoria ahlen

Sunday morning my son Lucas and I set out to climb El Cielo, 1508 m. A mountain top, we enjoy viewing each morning, lunch and evening from our house. A top that for me became a symbol for a new start. A few hours later, we stood there by the cross, overlooking amazing views of the coast in our new home country Spain. A place we call home and love. We stood there with two dogs, friends we love, feeling fabulous. We then celebrated with a family dinner around a crowded table inside our cortijo, our home Villa Coral.


Monday morning 3 am, my daughter wanders the corridor to fall right back a sleep next to me. I rest a little bit and then get up to travel to Morocco with Anki. We go to do good, shop good and help children in tough situations, now safe thanks to our collaborators Association Darna and OAPAM. The early morning does not hinder a day of adventures sharing a part of Tanger I also call home – the Kasbah and introducing her to friends. A vegetable tagine for lunch under the fig tree at Darna Women’s house fuels us for the rest of our shopping and walk.
In the middle of our walk, I get a text from our global citiziens at Smedingeskolan 7A who started brading Common Ground bracelets called “Peace” and “Love” to benefit Darna. A tear rolls down my cheek and the kind sales person beside smiles and does not really get why I also smile BIG at that moment.
smedingeskolan brading common ground darna  common ground bracelet smedingeskolan darnaCurrently at Common Ground, we rebuild Darna’s website to share the daily stories about their work for you to follow. Stay tuned for more information about new launch. Abla is learning fast and she does a great job with the Darna facebook page. Thanks to our local partner Max Kleinveld and Kasbah Rose as well on site in Tangier for your smiles, encouragements and use of necessary internet.

On we go and Thursday we meet Mohamed who comes with us to #shopgood at our pottery artisan Aicha and her family in Oued Laou. The interview and film with her will be published soon. We drive toward Chefchaouen passing my Moroccan mountain home in Akchour.  Our evening ends in front of the same mountain view I sit now. In peace, finding new friendship and common ground, knowing we did a lot of good together this week.

Amazing partners in Sweden build our annual fundraiser Julakuten in Onsala and I am proud to call them friends and family.

julakuten 2015  julakuten common ground darna åsa ulf nomark holmén victoria ahlen eirin persson klippa

What is your inner mountain? Did you climb it? Share your stories with us.
Love from me and enjoy your week. Thank you for being a part of our Vilostrada journey. / Love Victoria 😉 #viva