VI – vive la vie. Live your life and make the most out of it. #viva
LO – love. The meaning of life. Love yourself. Love the world. Love others.
STRADA – road. A road for us means adventure. A road takes you to new places. Explore.

VILOSTRADA – a lifestyle brand with an enormous love for life, the sustainable way with many roads yet to travel, many solutions to discover. Be inspired. Join us.

VILOSTRADA – a webshop with sustainable Moroccan artisan goods. Your purchase enables our future work with a sustainable business models for all.

VILOSTRADA – the start of the Akerate school project – Meet the future of Morocco. One of our ways to give back and add the most valuable of all – education. And shortly we can share our knowledge of mobile learning with the children and connect them to the world.

VILOSTRADA – the story about us and maybe about you?

morocco children future photo victoria ahlen vilostrada Zohra Akni Vilostrada-20131105-130259-IMG_9962- vilostrada chefchaouen 20130920-1808-IMG_7567