An hour away from home in Frigiliana, we arrive in Sierra Nevada. A ski resort with more than 100 slopes(on current trip 40 open). The slopes suit beginners and experts and the resort is well planned from arriving, parking underground, renting skiis and heading up one of two cabin lifts to middle station.

This year, we pre-rented online at Luis Sanchez family shop. A warm, professional service shop.  Drop your gear off when you are done for the day and pick them up dry the next morning!

Spending time outdoors is one of many pros to living in Andalucia and interacting with our children. The joy to watch them conquer one slope after next makes me extremely happy. I taught both my kids to ski from cratch and they both picked up the skill. We enjoy life in the mountains not to mention the views, fresh air and sunshine.

sierra nevada family ltltr vilostrada

In the evenings, we repair small wounds and sit together around the table chatting, laughing, sharing stories from the day. Together is what is all about.

Live to Love the Road, these days it is downhill ;). Happy Spring.