In the Akerate School Project, we plan to share our knowledge of mobile learning with the the school and connect them with the world. We can learn from each other. 
Understanding each other’s cultures is enabling peace.

Two weeks ago I contacted my children’s old schools in Onsala, Sweden to hear if they were interested in collaborating with us in the #helloakerate project. I met a cheerful Gabriella Sjögren, Pontos Förskola, at the other end. “Of course, when can we start?”.

“We want to build bridges and encourage our children´s understanding for other cultures/countries. We also want to show the Akerate children what possibilities there are and what rights they have in the world”, says Gabriella.
loppis march onsala three girls #helloakerate

Three girls went out in the freezing weather this past weekend with their “Second Hand Shop for Toys”. They raised 153 SEK (195 MAD) for the Akerate School’s solar panels. (The overall goal is 10 000 MAD before June 1).

pontos_logga forskolaPontos grundskola

On this page we try to gather all the information about the Akerate School Project. More to come.