“We love because it is the only true adventure” – Nikki Giovanni

The wind catches my black tent and creates a rattling noise. The rays of the sunrise warms the one side of tent tarp that my face is against. In the distance, the goats, chicken and a white camel Ayer start moving in the household of my Nomad neighbours. A new day begins. My heart simply sings and I strap my boots on.

I lean gently towards a palm tree by the small well. I let it hold me as the sun rises over the land.  Grounding. Peace. Life rushes through me so strongly and I connect to the earth as simply like the yoga poses greeting the sun.

We pack our bags and strap the saddle and satchel on Ayer. We trek up the mountain as the levante wind picks up and pushes me up the moon landscape. 

I decide to walk in front of the caravane. The wind within so strong and my heart so eager to go forward. One step at a time up  a rocky almost invisible track, hidden for the world to see if you do not know where to look. My heart knows the way even if I would have been blindfolded. For each step my heart starts pounding faster and faster. The wind fills my lungs with fresh air and energy to walk on. The sun now high on the sky and temperatures rising. 

At our first peak, we rest in the shade of the Acacia tree. She whispers to me, almost there, rest now and find the strength to continue on the route of your heart. This whole time, I have only heard the men chat silently amongst them behind me. I look at them and know that they are on a different journey than mine. 

After a rest, we turn off to the left. My heart beats hard. I open my eyes and turn around to Erg Chegaga dunes a far with the mountains behind me. All around me Sahara, my love, my one true love. Here at home there are no doors, simply love and peace.