Early morning, the journey begins to meet the people I love and the children we all work hard to connect. The drive is about 7 hrs door to door with as passage cross the Mediterranean Sea to Tanger.  A road, I know well by now.

Vilostrada’s purpose is a circle of social good, social entrepreneurship, good business for all:

– LOVE for Moroccan crafts and artisans goods, interior design that fuels our every day life. Continued business talks and new products will be introduced shortly in the webshop.
LOVE for the culture and people that live close to each other harvesting what nature and tradition provides them. People with amazing stories about every day life, a life most of us forgot to cherish since we are too busy running around being busy with life and rush hour.
– SUSTAINABILITY – finding ways to grow long-lasting business relationships, good business for all and the environment. Gathering the stories to share with you about the people I meet.
– FUTURE – bringing the Akerate school children gifts from Pontos schools in Sweden and a message of hope for the future. We connect worlds and conversation begins (follow #helloakerate).

soup bowl dardara vilostrada fabric vilostrada


frames vilostrada victoria ahlen artisan vilostrada chefchaouen

The blog will be active again as soon as I have wifi. Might be Friday. Have a great week. Thank you all for the packed roof box with school material, clothes, shoes, rain gear and tennis balls/jump ropes.