Enjoy  the Joy of Cooking Together

The tagine is Morocco’s national dish and something all of us can cook. Here are our short tips to get started. 

  • Soak your eco tagine lid in water for 24 hrs.
  • Pour any kitchen oil in your tagine base, maybe 3-4 mm and let it soak for 24 hrs.

Cook your vegetable tagine (for meat add approx 30 min more)…

  • in the oven (vegetables solo) 175C for an hour
  • on gas with a defuser for an hour on low heat
  • on charcoal grill
  • in eco clay burner one hour

All Vilostrada tagine will blacken in the bottom with use and time. Repeat above procedure with your tagine if you wait long between usage.

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Bon appétit! Smaklig spis.

😉 Tagine Chef and Vilostrada Founder Victoria Ahlén.