An old Berber saying would make my Christmas wish for peace and love true. A trip in on our Life to Love the Road Tour (#LTLTR) in southern Morocco with my husband Joakim.


On Christmas Day our petite taxi awaits for us outside our hotel in Zagora only to take us around the block to the office of Caravane Desert et Montagne. We meet a focused and smiling guide and treasurer of many Berber and Nomad stories Brahim Elaabdouli. A guide we found thanks to research on “eco and fair trade” in Sahara. He came well recommended by many.

I guess I thought desert would mean mostly sand and we were happy to ride dromedaries (called camels everywhere here in the south of Morocco). Guess if this and other told tales about Morocco was true? Many more lessons and misinformation to be corrected by kind Brahim during the next few days. He kept reminding us:

– Please leave behind what you knew. Let us take it from the beginning and you will see for yourself.

victoria ahlen sahara vilostrada joakim ahlen vilostrada sahara

We discovered parts of the east of the Anti-Atlas, Tanmirt, with our caravan of guide Brahim, Joakim & I, five “camels” and nomads Youssef and Muhammad during our four days. Four days that took parts of our hearts forever. Four days we could have turned into 40, 400… Guess if we have more stories and photos to tell? Some of them in short might appear here on the blog but some we keep for a book to come and a photo exhibit in Tanger later on in 2016. Stay tuned.

To our guide at Caravane Desert et Montagne Brahim Elaabdouli I wrote on his facebook site:
– I wished for a Christmas with Peace and Love. I found a desert with open doors, my heart is full. Our journey gave my life direction and meaning. From the bottom of my heart – CHUKRAN. My photo describes how I will remember you and our friend “Mr Trouble” til we meet again.

Brahim Elaabdouli Caravane Desert et Montagne Morocco Vilostrada photo Victoria Ahlen

The dromedary Azrwal or as we would name him Mr Trouble in the photo is yet another story for us to tell you later.

Merry Christmas wherever you are. Begin our new year of 2016 with love and peace in your hearts. Follow your heart and doors will open to people and places you could hardly even dream about.




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