We love to live a simple life, teaching our children a sustainable lifestyle. We set out on a mission in August 2013 and here we are. JOY!!! Our dreams come true every day! We follow our hearts and keep open, respectful minds to the world around us. We constantly carry a gratitude for new friendships made in these 3 years in meeting all of you, our fans, friends and artisans of Vilostrada. You fuel our work and we can continue our journey – together.

With the energy and smiles close to our hearts after our village celebrated the 11th Festival 3 Culturas, we look to a new year with Vilostrada!  festival tres culturas frigiliana photo joakim ahlen vilostrada  festival tres culturas frigiliana circus photo joakim ahlen vilostrada

Only this year, we raised awareness for the necessity to shop fair with Morocco and with each other together reaching thousands around the globe each week. Since we trade with transparent terms, each artisan and all of you can fully view our work in progress. Increased sales and awareness enable us to really fuel and grow Vilostrada in the next six months!

On September 3, we welcome all of you back to the join us at the Eco Market close to Velez-Malaga. The conversation is key for us and we love meeting you there.

vilostrada eco market algarrobo   vilostrada chicken tagine eco

You can also choose to join our popular tagine workshops. Dates to be published soon! Keep and eye on our events section on the Vilostrada’s facebook.

This weekend, we published the NEW Association Darna website with our partner’s help! Your support in buying our products, funded our work and helped children and women in Morocco continue to come to safe houses! CHUKRAN!
association darna website common ground vilostrada

Tomorrow, Lucas and I travel to Morocco to start a hectic, amazing fall. You are invited too!

Lots of Love,

Victoria, Joakim, Lucas and Maj