We get many questions about the best route to go to Morocco. Of course this is a personal choice. We live on Costa del Sol, in Frigiliana to be more exact. We recommend catching the fast ferry from Tarifa to Tanger Ville (the heart of Tanger) that takes you only 35 min, leaves each direction approx. 4 times a day. Intern Shipping’s travel times you can find here>>

All passengers show their passport on the ferry to get it stamped. Customs will be cleared smoothly in the arrival hall.

If you take your car, you will need to clear customs and show them necessary car ownership papers, your green card and a form (same info in three copies). The form you will get when you book. Please fill out before and bring with you to save time at customs.

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On your return trip, give yourself extra time to clear customs, especially if you travel by car since it will be scanned and searched.

Vilostrada offers:

We first visited Morocco in 2003. We now call it “home” even if we live permanently in Andalucia, Spain at the moment. We take pride in our extensive network of great people, awesome & unique places and amazing artisans. Of course, we want to share this with you.

  • We can help you personalize your tour for the day, days or weeks with recommendations on tour guides, trusted hotels and restaurants starting at €20. 50% of our fee, we donate to our non-profit work with the Vilostrada Foundation.
  • If you are looking for a personal shopping guide or come shopping with us, ask for a quote.
  • We can also recommend tour operators all around Morocco.

Happy traveling.

/ Victoria Ahlén, founder Vilostrada, hello(at)vilostrada.com