Meet Roumaissae Moumen, 19 years from Chefchaouen. She joined the Vilostrada team as a translator and communications assistent on November 7.

“As-salam alaikum wa rahmatu allah wa barakatuh (peace be open you). This is what I was born for al hamdulilah (thank you God)”, says Roumaissae.

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This first day we visit the Akerate School and village. We engage in multiple conversations at once. Most happens on instinct and based on the children’s curiousity. Roumaissae also translates for us visiting the weavers we work with in Chefchaouen. Great to know, we have a direct contact and local based staff to increase customer service.

On Instagram our friend Patricia posts this photo a few hours into our first mutual work day.

Roumaissae says: “It was amazing to meet you guys , you’re so friendly and lovely … I’ll never forget this day too, much of memories and experiences.”

Roumaissae welcome to our global team. Many miles to go but we all ready found #CommonGround.
Stay tuned and she will blog herself and tell us more on what happens on site in Morocco.