Oh, how I wish you could all experience Sahara with is eternal wisdom and peace. I can at least try to bring you with me through our photos, videos and blogs. No photo can give it justice but simply create a spark and share a piece of the magic to inspire you. The magical sand of Sahara travels the world as we want to travel with you in your daily life.

In 2017, Vilostrada turns a new page in the book of life and in our company story. We choose to focus on bringing you even closer, sharing genuine stuff that takes you on a journey to the heart of humanity. You will get to see a more personal side of us and walk along side on the journey we are on. Our children will share their stories. You will travel through their eyes and heart them share with their imagination and thoughts in focus.

Maj Ahlé vilostrada vilostradakids sahara tanmirt

If you love Morocco like we do and feel drawn to come with us, do not hesitate, we travel by your side. Look no further for advice and a helping hand to guide you from traveling to see Moroccan beauty in nature and/or in the amazing artistery. We go from our souls to your heart. The Moroccan cultures offers you a safe haven with rich history and colorful, truly magical landscapes and the friendliest people we know on this earth.

caravane sahara tanmirt photo: joakim ahlen vilostrada

Please contact us when you need/want:

  • Daily inspiration and photography powered with all the colors of Morocco with stories and even more stories.
  • An expert buyer and personal shopper for all Moroccan goods. Our personal favourites include eco tagines, kelim/berber carpets/cushions, green pottery, iron hooks and hand-woven textiles.
  • Personal adventure trips right to the heart of Morocco together with our berber, nomad friends from north to south.
  • To give back to the heart of humanity and collaborate with our Vilostrada Foundation currently building the “Tanmirt Well of Knowledge” in the Sahara with the nomads.

Marhaba! Live to Love the Road.
– Victoria Ahlén, founder Vilostrada