Welcome to visit the newly launched Vilostrada Webshop! We launch in three countries – Sweden, Finland (including Åland) and Spain. We showcase about 30 products in our first sample collection from Morocco.

Most products are pre-order only with delivery before Christmas 2013. If you pre-order, we offer you a 10% discount. A couple of products are in stock for direct order, for example the Vilostrada Bracelet in soft leather which comes in 6 colors, and a hand forged iron hook in the shape of a heart, made by Abdellah Zroudi, a local blacksmith in Chefchaouen, Morocco.

On Monday, our next journey goes to Dardara Village and Chefchaouen to stock up the shop and test the shipping procedures. Give us input on crafts and interior materials you prefer through a comment here, on our Facebook site, Instagram or e-mail info(at)vilostrada.com. Thank You.

Our partner Jaber El Habibi will host at Auberge Dardara and guide us with Kritzlynn Al Taib.
– My hope with this partnership is maintaining all these antique arts and markets for future generations, says Jaber El Habibi.

vilostrada chefchaouen 20130920-1735-IMG_7386  vilostrada chefchaouen 20130920-1808-IMG_7567

In my bag I packed pens and paper to give the children in the Chefchaouen Medina.