What is the result when you go to work loving what you do and with the people you love the most?
Our first Vilostrada event #VIVA – inspiration and happiness on July 1-3. We invite you to meetings, photo exhibit, book release, Moroccan interior design, inspiration, happiness, song, design and lots more at Hamnkrogen in Gottskär. Passionate business people create change and a better everyday life.
Follow our work in progress on our #Viva event page on Facebook 

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Our premiere event will take place in our former hometown Onsala by the ocean 30 min south of Göteborg in Sweden. We invited some of the greatest people we know to join us – Eirin Persson, Ulf & Åsa Nomark, Åsa Holmén and Gabriella Sjögren. At least 10 % of all proceeds go to our school project #helloakerate.

Joakim and I will launch our first book as well as showcase our photographs and stories from our first year with Vilostrada. Thank you to Daniel Johansson for your support and craftsmanship.

This will be the first of many events to come. Stay tuned for more dates around the world.