Welcome to our first Tagine Workshop at our home base Frigiliana on March 22.

In Morocco, family and friends gather around a tagine to share a meal. This is where stories are told and people sit and spend time with each other, quality time. This is a great tradition that we want to share with you.

We will share some of our favourite tagine recipes and teach you how to make them. All eco vegetables and Moroccan spices. Our cooking space is set in the gorgeous village of Frigiliana that we call home with the mountains as our backdrop.

Frigiliana photo: Joakim Ahlen  IMG_4801-2

During our time together, we will share stories from our journeys and the people we met on the road while working and traveling in Morocco the last 3 years. We look forward to hearing yours.

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WHEN: March 22, 12 – 3 pm
Places are limited so book your seat now.

Cost €20, including a Tagine meal.

vegetables tagine vilostrada photo joakim ahlen  clay tagine oued laou aicha vilostrada photo ahlen