“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”
–  Paolo Cuelo, The Alchemist (1988)

The dust from dry land whirlwinds from the taxi as we slowly make our way up the hills south of Tagounite. Early morning, we passed the ever green river Draa filled with date trees. Did you know there are at least 18 various kinds? No trees in sight here on the top looking back to civilization and the world we know that we left behind.

The taxi takes a slight turn to the right and slows down. Through the small sand cloud, we see majestic creatures waiting for us. Arzwal, the white and cheeky (we will learn) dromedar (or camels as they are simply called here) turns his head as if to say:
– Ah you are here now, ready for an adventure?

Within minutes, I made a new friend. Arzwal smiles, or I say he does. In my pocket, I kept the orange peels from this morning’s breakfast (since in my research I learned that this is a favourite snack for the camel).

Waving good-bye to the taxi driver, we turn to the endless gold ahead and set off pulled by a notion that an adventure is about to begin. Little did we know, how big it would become…

Where the horizon meets the silence, we follow a path from a time passed, on our adventure through the desert. When the sun sets, we gather around the fire, share stories like this one and each other´s company together with the moon and the stars.

Welcome to join us in the Sahara region surrounding Tagounite as well as around Morocco. Planned activities 2019:

  • Women’s Day Tanmirt Expedition, March 7-9, Tagounite
  • Spring trek in the Atlas mountains, end of March, Tisselday/Marrakech/Ouarzazate
  • Personal shopping tour, May, Tangier
  • Gnawa music festival, June 20-25, Essaouira
  • Summer camp for children with the Vilostrada Foundation, summer, TanTan area, Morocco
  • Nomad music under the stars, end of October, Tagounite, Morocco

We plan a personal trip for you and your group. Get in touch at hello(at)vilostrada.com
You can also join us as Vilostrada Foundation volunteer.