Vilostrada seeks genuine beauty and we #shopfair with the artisans.

When we first visited Chefchaouen in September 2013, we followed our hearts that told us it was Morocco we must return to. Back then, Joakim and I were two IT-entrepreneurs who knew the digital world well, we decided to learn new things. We thought, maybe if we sold physical goods, then it would be easier for our children to grasp what we did for a living. We loved Morocco for its vibrant interiors and we chose to trade fair with artisan goods as a way of showing Lucas and Maj what it is like to be a world citizen and to respect each other. What a great journey we are on learning more each day about shopping fair.

Chefchaouen Vilostrada photo Joakim Ahlen 20130920-1903-IMG_7703

One of the first artisans we met was Abdellah Zroudi, blacksmith in Chefchaouen. His genuine love for his trade shows in all his work. He always greets us with the warmest of smiles and professionalism. His heart-shaped hooks share his own dream to find love. The hooks can now be found in hundreds of households around the world. We developed the iron product line together with your input. Abdellah knows the price we ask you to pay, this is an open book, fair trade. We keep a dialogue on what the fair purchase price should be.


From the beginning, we also decided to give back/donate 10% to support a non-profit. Today the Vilostrada Foundation (then the Akerate School Project and Common Ground) has given back more than €10 000 in donations, 2 tons of donated items (school material, clothes, shoes and toys), built a website for Association Darna and so much more since January 2014. Currently, we build a solar panel in Tanmirt, Sahara. Read more on the Vilostrada Foundation facebook.

/Victoria Ahlén