We decided to start over in a new country and culture with our children.
We made up our minds to create a brand greater than ourselves to impact our common future.
We want to spend time with our children and involve them wherever possible.
We aim to find artisans and positively enable sustainable growth.

Personally, I love crafts and wanted to involve myself away from computers as well and thought I might let the creative side in me feed upon color, learn new techniques and add knowledge about people and places.

Last week I returned to Morocco and met Zohra Akni and her daughter Aja in Chefchaouen. Not long ago, women were not allowed to work outside the home. In 2006, in her home village Targha, she started teaching men to weave. Three years later she decided to involve women. Her hard work payed off when the government started supporting the project from 2011.
Today 21 women work in three shifts and learn how to weave throws, blankets, cushion covers. In one year they know advanced weaving and in the first three months they learn the basics skills. Each blanket takes about 2,5 hrs to make. Each color belongs to a certain tribe and shares its own history.
Zohra teaches weaving all over Morocco today and has helped start other co-operatives.

Vilostrada-20131105-120134-IMG_9885- Vilostrada-20131105-122010-IMG_9920- Vilostrada-20131105-123921-IMG_9936- Vilostrada-20131105-125033-IMG_9958-

In the Vilostrada webshop you can find some of the first throws. Tell us about your favorites and we will go explore on your behalf.

Vilostrada-IMG_0658-Textile, WC-10053 Vilostrada-IMG_0664-Textile, WC-10049 Vilostrada-IMG_0848-Textile, WC-10051Vilostrada-IMG_0845-Textile, WC-10052

Finally, these children kept laughing and playing games outside the working area the entire hour I was there. Next time, I will bring them Christmas gifts and my children for them to play with. Other children in town received pens for school.