January 1, 2019, the site Connected Sisters premiered online to support and inspire women communities all around the world. One of the founders, Jodie Welton contacted me in December 2018 asking for an interview. With great honor, I accepted and even more happiness filled the Vilostrada Foundation team as we found it, my story would be the first to shared on the site.

From the interview:
“The Sahara has asked me to do all the amazing things I do with the women and the children with the foundation. I am a woman who has followed her dreams, that is who I am. I’m a Capricorn, I’m a vibrant ambitious woman with 900 ideas.  I go at a pace where the world normally tells me ‘slow down’, they don’t understand I just wake up with an energy level that’s high; my low is most people’s 90% I had to be in an environment where nobody is stopping me all the time. But the moment I walked into the Sahara, I was silenced. I was silenced by an inner peace that I have never experience before. The Sahara silenced me. I realised how much I needed the silence. When I put my hands on the sand I felt connected to everything that ever was me and everything that was humanity in the purest form. I felt connected and finally my head could lay down and just rest to charge my batteries.

Since then it’s been more than magical; as a mother, as a woman, as a humanitarian, on every level I can say ‘namaste’. I’m exactly where I need to be, and I wish that people could just hold my hands for ten seconds and feel the happiness that I carry within me now. And that’s amazing. I have found peace.” – Victoria Ahlén

Follow Connected Sisters of Facebook too. We want to extend a huge embrace of gratitude for the hundreds of positive comments and encouragements we receive from the community since. Tanmirt. Thank you.