Hello Sweden. This summer we meet again as I return ready to take on new challenges and develop business with you. Thanks to Founder’s Loft who let me inspire and share wisdom to more than 10 new companies that stand ready to conquer the world eager to sell more and develop their dream projects. We were supposed to meet in person in April, but a Zoom lunch had to become the substitute.You impressed me with your clarity and ingenuity in your online channels. Stand tall and take a bow. In my years abroad, I have really missed the power of action, meeting management and the wealth of innovation that Sweden possesses. In so many meetings over the last 7 years, I have been a voluntary Swedish ambassador abroad for these qualities, now I join the home team once more.

Brahim Aqermin (Association Tidri), Niklas Kebbon (Swedish ambassador of Morocco). Victoria Ahlén

Thank you Victoria Ahlén for visiting us and providing an incredible amount of energy along with solid, wise and concrete advice on how our startups will succeed in establishing themselves internationally. Now it feels like we have something to start with and we should meet the new and the unaccustomed with a smile and humility.

– Jessica Oldborn Business Developer Founders Loft

For seven years, my life has been enriched by the Mediterranean and Andalucian “mañana ” and simple life where every season, fiesta and harvest filled my heart with joy for the simple things and that a coffee in the morning is just a coffee without work, telephones or computers. Where the day starts and I met my neighbors and the village with a smile. Being present in life and seeing each person right and just breathing is a treasure I carry with me.

Fiesta in Frigiliana

With my work in South Africa with Wisehub, I learned humility for challenges. Our heroes, the principals, struggle in sometimes non-human situations when children are being shot on their way to school. The same principals who continue to motivate their staff with tremendous pride and strength, build a hall with “one chair at a time donations”, get the cooperation of entire villages and give our young people a future with new knowledge, security in community and faith in the future . What an honor to be able to contribute with communication strategies, innovation support and coaching and see the leadership of the 100’s schools lift to reach positively to over 50,000 children. You, the Leaders, are forever my heroes. You showed me in action and endless wisdom that knowledge is power, the good kind.

And dear Sahara and Morocco, you highlighted the finest in me where you gave me to follow and guilde the children and young people up close. Every kid in the desert and in the villages around, I had the privilege to see growing up and developing, I carry within myself as gasoline as long as I live. Together, we built a solar panel-driven well that pumps 8,000 liters of water 100 km out into the desert and enables life every hour of the year. We started the Tanmirt Junior Club, which strengthens the right of all children to dream and see them become reality. We built the finest playground in Africa in just three weeks with almost no budget, of stones, with color, joy and persistence and now at least 50 new trees. The laughter of 350 happy faces that came to the inauguration on March 8, is one of the proudest days of my life. It was a great honor to be your mentor, “Swedish trash-pickup-general” when we removed 3 tonnes of debris from the Sahara this year and the super happy scout leader who taught you cooperation through games and fun. Together, we attracted the attention and support of the authorities, so just keep moving forward with me as cheering you on from a far.

Now dear Sweden, I return to you. Are you looking for someone to lift your organization strategically, someone who dares to get going with passion, joy, energy and full color. You may need an “interpreter” for international ventures, innovative thinking in the local area and with an extensive network of contacts who constantly keeps an eye out for solutions. Maybe I am your new team member, anchor or leader? I am looking for a team where my talent and energy speed up the processs for progress on our mutual ship. Because friends, it is only when we come together that we succeed.

Feel free to invite me for a digital coffee, ask me to inspire your organization on Monday morning or tell me where I am needed. I think I will fit in where my skills in communication, inspiration, business development, sales come in handy but I am open to new opportunities upon suggestion. I cherish humanity, circular economy, work-smart solutions and wisdom in general where we grab our shared responsibility for the planet we live on. Big hug to you and take good care of you. Live to Love the Road.