My heart longed for a life where I was allowed to be me. I dreamt of life more outdoors, with more time for my children and simplicity. I dreamt of making a positive impact on the world and teach my children to become world citizens. I wanted to “Live to Love the Road” and this is the meaning of Vilostrada.

In August 2013, my family sold it all and moved to Andalucia, Spain with eight suitcases. My dreams got new soil to grow in the small, white-washed village of Frigiliana. Here my children, quickly became not just bilingual but trilingual and we spent all meals together and our rush hour was the herd of goats blocking the road to the village a few times a month. The everyday life slowed down and following nature’s wonders up close with fresh lemons in the garden that really tasted lemon, morning cafe con leche with the villagers, colorful fiestas each month, yoga and slow shopping at the weekly market became the new routine of everyday life.

Fresh lemons and oranges from our own trees

My heart led to take a trip into Morocco in September only three weeks after arriving to Frigiliana. That trip changed the direction of my life and all my catalyst and innovative talents got put to the test in the years to follow. Among many things, it led to the start of the Vilostrada Foundation and our work with empowering people on the move with natural powers for a sustainable planet. We build a solar panel driven well 100 km out in the Sahara, started a children’s club, Tanmirt Junior, and have been on endless of breathtaking adventures. Morocco embraced me and whispered to my heart: Welcome home. More of these stories in coming blog posts and my book “Live to Love the Road”.

Children of Akerate 2015 in our Common Ground project.

Journalist Jenny Rhodes asked me in 2015 what the hardest thing about moving abroad was. I answered: “Setting a date and booking a ticket. You just have to begin and follow your heart.”
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Here I am, 7 years later, stronger and ready to inspire you to action whatever dream you may have. I see solutions and start projects that empower and strengthen the people I work with that create real change that positively impact our world. Engage with me through my social channels and let us start talking. You can engage me as an inspirational speaker, storyteller, catalyst to your organization remote or on site. I am a nomad and can travel anywhere in the world.

Live to Love the Road. Your dreams deserve to come true.

The Andalucian crew 2015