Radio interview with Victoria Ahlén, Vilostrada, on Swedish station P4 Halland April 26, 2017, by Evelina Myrbäck, play forward to 1:02:30.

English translation to Swedish article on SR P4 Halland interviewing Victoria Ahlén, Vilostrada:

The Ahlén Family sold the house in Onsala and left Sweden for the adventure in Spain. The family frequently travel to Morocco where their organization give the Nomads work and education.

“We were an ordinary Svensson(read middle class)-family that used to be stuck in traffic, rain etc. We wanted more life quality and to spend more time together. We wanted another life”, says Victoria Ahlén.

With her husband and two children, then five and eight, the Ahlén Family left Sweden and Onsala and moved to Spain.

“We chose to move to Spain, one of the most sun secure areas of the world.  Here we found great weather and the simple life. We now have a life with better life quality.

It was also important for Victoria to do good in an international project. Today the whole family works globally and Victoria describes the family as a global one.

We wanted the children to be world citizens.

– You take responsibility for the whole earth. You start where you live, but feel responsible for other people around the world. You make choices with every purchase, for it to be a good choice for nature as a whole, says Victoria Ahlén.

But we also wanted our children to meet other cultures and learn more languages and face challenging situations and those in their well known one in Onsala.

And Victoria thinks she succeeded and that her children are world citiziens.

“My children are twelve and nine. They speak three languages fluently and they visit Morocco frequently where they meet Arabic and Berber that they speak in Sahara. They have overcome their fears for the unknown and it started all ready on the school yard in their Spanish school.”

There were challenges like coming to a new country and to know the language.

“The children had to learn a way to communicate without knowing the language. We noticed that for Lucas, who is a passionate soccer player, it was the soccer ball that opened doors. It is amazaing, says Victoria Ahlén

On the plain to Spain, the family started their company and organization Vilostrada. The organization gives the Nomads in Morocco work and recently they started a school for Nomads in Morocco.

Any tips you would like to share for those who want to follow your lead but do not have the guts?

The most difficult was to set the date. You say: this day we move and you book a flight. It is that simple and that difficult, says Victoria Ahlén.

“I live my life like a dance. In my heart it sings! When you do something you really are passionate about then you wake up in the morning and simply dance, no matter rain or sunshine. And that feeling, my friends, go out and chase it!