We, Annakarin Sjöberg (Noma Marrakech) and Victoria Ahlén (Vilostrada), both love Morocco and the beauty of the handmade crafts. We embrace and take pride in being apart of the Moroccan culture and the warmth of the people and traditions.

We shop fair and with a big smile. All this is included when working with you. We highly value the personal service from us to you. Each purchase includes an hour of free consulting and supporting while planning your outdoor spaces. We trade fair with our Moroccan artisans and in close relationships to add joy, quality and security for all partners.

Our transport service is door to door: from the hands of the artisan to your home on Costa del Sol, Spain. We base our transport cost on orders of a minimum 500 KG (with other customers) and the cost based on approx €3/KG. We estimate our delivery time to be 6 weeks.

Special orders and added personal shopping services available. For shipping alternatives to other locations and any questions you may have, do not hesitate to get in touch. If you wish the pdf version of the catalogue, email us, hello(at)vilostrada.com and we will send it to you.

Victoria & Annakarin