Live to Love the Road

Your dreams deserve to come true.

“You must follow your heart”, says my daughter Maj (12 yrs) and that inner voice that guides you in life. The big challenge is listening.

I did and when I traveled into Morocco in the fall of September 2013, I cried for an hour and new I had come home. It was my third visit but this time, my life changed. As the guide took us into the Rif Mountains of northern Morocco and Chefchaouen and Arabic tunes played on the radio, my heart started singing. Since then I live to love the road as a nomad who regularly stops in Frigiliana, Malaga, Tagounite, Tangier, Essaouira and Göteborg.

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I GIVE BACK to the Nomad tribes of and children around Tagounite, Sahara, Morocco and the community through the Vilostrada Foundation.

In October 2013, my friend Said gave me a gift that would become my personal talisman, the Southern Cross or as it is also called the Nomad cross. I could never have guessed all the conversations and adventures this piece of jewelry have contributed to since. It did lead me to find peace.

I kept traveling back for work with Vilostrada and to build the Vilostrada Foundation. Thanks to the many new friends and business partners, I am learning the culture, making great friends and finding many adventures thanks to my endless curiosity and love for people of Morocco and the world.

I kept looking for the adventure and in December 2015, I entered the majestic Sahara for the first time. On my first day in the land of peace, I found my soul and my soil in the Sahara. I knew my heart had found peace.

The community of Connected Sisters interviewed my on this subject on January 1, 2019

Welcome to Vilostrada.

LOVE Victoria Ahlén